Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

If you are wondering whether or not your small business should have a website, the answer is yes. Regardless of what industry you are in or whether or not you are a product or service based business, you need a website. You need to be where your customers are, which is on the internet. Before someone is going to make a purchase from your business, they are going to run a quick online search to see what they can find. Having a website that is built with design and functionality in mind will help differentiate your business from the competition.

A website is vital for any small business who wants to gain exposure and grow their brand. Having a strong online presence is important for any small business because your customers are going to search for you.

Here are five reasons why your small business needs a website:

It is your virtual business card.

A website is also known as a virtual business card. It is how you display your company information, contact information, and explain what it is that you do. In a world that is primarily digital, your customers expect you to have a website with useful information about your business and your products/services. It also speaks volumes of your business if it doesn’t have a website. Your customers might think your business is not up to date with the latest technology, and they might not want to do business with you if they can’t find you online. Having a website acts as your 24/7 virtual business card, so when your store or office is closed potential clients can still find the information that they need.

Your customers are going to search for it.

Your customers are going to expect for your business to have a website and if they can’t find one then they might shy away from your brand. Before someone buys from you or comes into your store they might run an online search to see what type of online presence your business has. Having a website that is fully optimized for Google search results will help your business get to the top of results without paid ads. This can be done by having a functional website that has a quick loading speed, no broken links, and pages with high word counts. The pages should include relevant and valuable content. If someone is searching for your business, or even a product or service that your business offers, then you want to be in the first few results. If not, you risk the chance of them finding your competitors.

It builds legitimacy.

Websites build legitimacy and set you apart from your competition. Your competition most likely has a website as well, so if your business doesn’t then you are not allowing for potential customers to find you. By having a custom website, your business will be viewed as an expert in your industry. It is not enough to just have a simple one-page website with off-brand fonts and colors. Your customers will judge you by the website you have, or don’t have. Your website needs to be custom built, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. It is important to avoid common website mistakes such as slow loading speeds, broken links, and not being optimized for mobile.

It is a marketing channel.

Your website is the best marketing channel for your brand. A website allows for you to share original content about your business that isn’t on “rented” internet space such as social media. It is great for your small business to be on social media, but it should not be your only marketing channel. Your social media strategy should consist of growing your brand awareness and leading people off the platforms onto your website or blog. This will help you convert those followers into leads that will eventually buy from you.

Showcase your products and services.

Your website is a great way to share your products and services with potential customers. According to Adweek, 81% of consumers go online to research before making a purchase. If you have a website that displays your products, information about the quality of them and how they were made, your customers will have more trust in your business. By displaying your products in an e-commerce store you are also allowing for customers to shop outside of your normal business hours. Not all of your customers may be local the area, or your store hours might not match their schedule. Having an e-commerce store will grow your sales because you are opening the door for new customers to buy from you.

It is important for your small business to have a strong online presence, and this can be done with a website. If your small business is in need of a website or maybe your website needs some revamping, get in touch with us at info@kapokmarketing.com or (727) 214-5844.

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