5 Must Have Tools for Online Marketing


Online marketing, including social media, is a game of finding the ideal balance between quantity and quality. The goal is to have the most relevant content and reach as many people as possible while spending as little money as possible. Then, of course, tracking the results.

All of that sounds great and dandy until it is time to do it. Then, reality sets in and most marketers realize that they lack the tools to execute their marking ideas.

The good news is that those fears end today!


You will learn about 5 must have tools that will allow you to easily create unique content and track the performance of all of your online marketing efforts. The best part is that most of the mentioned tools are super easy to use and absolutely free. It does not get better than that.

Let’s get started. (Click each name to learn more.)

  1. SnagIt
    • Capture, edit, and save images and videos with a few clicks
    • Super easy
    • 30-day free trial
    • $49.95 after the 30-day trial, if you choose to continue using it
  2. Canva
    • Edit images
    • Design creative content (banners, social media posts, etc.)
    • Free designs, plus the option to buy additional designs for $1 each
    • Free
  3. Google Docs
    • Create and share word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
    • Access from with Gmail account information
    • Real time updates
    • Team collaboration features
    • Free
  4. Google Analytics URL Builder
    • Perfect for creating unique and trackable links for online marketing
    • Integrated with Google Analytics
    • Created links should be shortened for online posts
    • Free
  5. Bit.ly
    1. Shorten long URLS for more attractive online posts
    2. Offers performance tracking tools
    3. Super easy to use
    4. Free

If you have any questions about the mentioned online marketing tools, please e-mail us at info@kapokmarketing.com. We are always available to help as much as we can.

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