Industry Related Hashtags For Your Small Business

Every industry has plenty of related hashtags that are perfect for social media posts. They are the perfect complement to your branded hashtags. That way you get exposure to the industry at large and raise awareness of your brand.

It’s most efficient and effective to use hashtags that are the most relevant to your industry. Avoid using hashtags from other outside industries. They are not relevant and won’t help your posts. Plus they can waste space that you could use for other hashtags.

Industry related hashtags can be combined with other categories of hashtags too. Combine with your local or regional hashtags to narrow into a specific geographic area. For example, a boutique in downtown St Pete could tag a post with: #Fashion #ShopLocalStPete #DTSP.

The same technique can apply to day of the week hashtags. You can even use all three. For example a gym on St Pete Beach might post: #WednesdayWorkout #Instaburg #Workout #StPeteBeach.

Why Use Industry Hashtags?

You have so many other types of hashtags you already use. Why would you add yet another type of hashtag? What is the point? Is it really going to make your social media marketing campaign more successful?

The answer is a firm yes. Industry related hashtags are the perfect addition for one main reason. They help more and new people find your content. Existing customers know your brand, but others may not. Industry hashtags give you a path to these other potential customers.

Potential customers browse social media just like everyone else. They may search or stumble upon these more generic industry hashtags. Just stay away from irrelevant hashtags. Even if those users find your post, they will do nothing for your engagement.

One way to get ahead is to study your competition on social media. They may already be using some of these industry hashtags. By using the same industry hashtags, or similar hashtags, you can find more potential customers.

How Do You Use Industry Hashtags?

It is important to know the guidelines of using hashtags on the different social media platforms. Once you know the rules, group the hashtags at the end of your post and add them to related photos, videos, and other content. Do not include irrelevant hashtags that don’t relate to your content.

For example, if you run a local coffee shop you want to be using coffee shop industry hashtags such as #CafeVibes and local hashtags such as #StPeteFL. That way nearby customers and other people in your industry can find your content and profile.

What are Good Examples of Industry Hashtags?

There are tons of industries. And within every industry there are many niches. We can’t provide examples for all of them, but we can give you some ideas. Here are just a few examples of some small business industries.

Industry Hashtags for Coffee Shops

  • #CoffeeShopCorners #CafeVibes #CoffeeBar #CoffeeShop
  • #Coffee #Latte #CoffeeBreak #CoffeeCup #CoffeeLover

Industry Hashtags for Restaurants

  • #Restaurant #LocalEats #LocalFood #InstaFeast #Vegan #Pizza #Sushi #Dessert
  • #Food #FoodPhotography #Foodstagram #InstaFood #FoodStyling #Foodie #FoodPics

Industry Hashtags for Clothing Boutiques

  • #Style #Fashion #FashionGram
  • #PhotoOfTheDay #OOTD #OutfitOfTheDay #LookOfTheDay

Industry Hashtags for Realtors

  • #Realtor #RealtorLife #Realtors #RealEstateAgent
  • #RealEstate #Home #DreamHome

Industry Hashtags for Gyms, Fitness and Wellness

  • #Gym #Fitness #Workout #Wellness #MotivationGym
  • #FitFam #Gains #BodyGoals #Fitspo #FitnessMotivation

Industry Hashtags for Photographers

  • #Photographer #Photo #Photog #Photograph #Photographs
  • #BestShot #PhotographyLife #IGers #Photogram

Industry Hashtags are Important

Hashtags are a great way for users to connect with brands, businesses and other users. Industry hashtags are just one component to crushing it with your social media marketing efforts.

Industry hashtags will help you boost engagement on your social media channels. You should combine using them with a more comprehensive omnichannel marketing approach. You’re bound to find plenty of new potential customers online.

For a full list of industry related hashtags and more, download our hashtag guide.

Do you have any stories about using industry hashtags on social media? Did a certain hashtags crush if for your business? Let us know your thoughts, comments, or favorite hashtag that we missed in the comments.


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