How To Effectively Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a powerful tool when it comes to social media marketing. They are a great way to search and find other users to interact with on social media. When used correctly, hashtags make it easier for people to find your posts and your profile. However, they are not meant to be abused and if they aren’t used correctly they could hurt your engagement. Read on to learn more about the power of hashtags.

What are industry hashtags and how do I use them?

You want to use only industry related hashtags for your content. These will help drive customers and other industry professionals to your posts and profile. For example, if you are posting a photo of your coffee from the local coffee shop you would use only coffee and the area’s local hashtags. There would be no need for using hashtags relating to food or cars. Random hashtags that may seem popular in other categories aren’t going to help your posts.

What other types of hashtags should I be using on my posts?

Depending on your location there are local and regional hashtags for the area that you can include in your posts. It is important to use only related local hashtags and don’t use hashtags from any other area. This will help your customers know where your business is, and you can engage with other businesses in that same area. Also, using days of the week hashtags is a great way to create interesting social media posts.

How many hashtags should I include in my posts?

The answer to this question is going to vary for whichever platform you are using, because not all social media platforms offer the same function. If you are using them for Twitter then it is best to use one to two, but no more than three. There is no need to use hashtags on Facebook. On Instagram, it is best to use eleven or more hashtags on your post and group them all together at the end. Hashtags also work well on Pinterest and Google+, but there are no major restrictions on their use. Just don’t abuse them!

How can I run campaigns and contests with hashtags?

If you are running a giveaway, contest or any other sales promotion, it is a good idea to come up with a designated branded hashtag for it. This way you can easily track the progress and entries. You are able to set up notifications so you know when someone has used the hashtags. Make sure you come up with an original hashtag not currently used anywhere else. Also, remember to create a business hashtag that includes your business name so people can find your posts and content online.

What are some important things to remember about using hashtags?

Always test and see what the hashtag has been used for and if it’s a popular one. Hashtags need to be easy to remember so don’t make them too lengthy. Use only original, unique hashtags for your business. Finally, never abuse hashtags by using them incorrectly.

Hashtags are a key component in your social media marketing plan. For even more tips on hashtags and a full list of popular hashtags, download our Hashtags & Usage Guide for Small Businesses. If your small business needs assistance with social media management, contact us at or (727) 214-5844 to see how we can help.

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