How to Create a Business Facebook Page

While most of us have a personal Facebook profile (timeline), many people have never created a business Facebook Page and/or do not know the difference between the two. Facebook Pages are not people. They cannot have friends. Instead, people with Facebook profiles (timelines) can Like (follow) Facebook Pages in order to regularly see their posts in their Newsfeed.

Every business, brand, cause, etc. should have a Facebook Page given that 1.13 billion people log onto Facebook on a daily basis. Even if you are not a huge Facebook believer, your customers/clients/fans probably are and you are missing out by not connecting with them on one of their favorite social media platforms.

If you have never created a Facebook Page, do not panic at all. It is super easy. You can make changes whenever you want or even unpublish the Page. Plus, we are here to help!

To get started, you will need to log into your personal Facebook profile (timeline) because every business Facebook Page needs an administrator.

Once you log into your personal Facebook profile (timeline), you will need to go to Create Facebook Business Page and then follow the steps provided below:

STEP 1: Select the type of Facebook Page. You will then need to select the category that applies to your business and provide the name of your business/brand/cause.

STEP 2: Write a brief description of the Page you are creating. This can be changed later on.

STEP 3: Upload the main Page photo. You can skip this step and add the photo later, if you do not have one ready at the time.

STEP 4: Add the Page to your Favorites, so you can easily access it from your personal profile (timeline) later on.

STEP 5: Select the preferred audience for your Page. This is the group of people that most closely resembles your target audience/market (your customer base).

STEP 6: Review the newly create Facebook Page and start filling in any blanks. You can start with the large cover photo, main photos, custom button, and first status update/post. Let us know if you need help designing a killer Cover Photo in minutes and for FREE!

STEP 7: Tell your clients/customers/fans that your business is now on Facebook and ask them to connect with you.

STEP 8: Create a schedule for posting content on your newly created Facebook Page, and stick to it. Consistency is king.

If you are still not comfortable with creating a business Facebook Page or have additional questions, please let us know at We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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  1. Could I talk to someone by phone to create my FB page?? I’ve been trying for 2 hrs and can’t figure it out! I think I have 3 started!! And couldn’t Finnish it! I only want ONE !! I NEED HELP!! ????

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