How to Grow an Email List for Your Small Business

Email gives you access to a mass group of consumers quite literally at the touch of a button. Approximately 91% of consumers check their email daily, and it is proven to be one of the best ways to convert leads into customers by promoting products and services.

Promotions and other business related content can be sent in the form of newsletters, surveys, announcements, and invitations that allow businesses to publicize product launches, events, promotions, and company updates.  

But every marketing medium has its weaknesses. There are elements to an email campaign that can greatly influence the level of success it will achieve. One of them being your email list.

All email campaigns begin with email collection. To run an email campaign of any kind, it is best to have the consent of the recipients. Collecting emails without consent is against most email marketing services’ terms of service and can get your account blacklisted or banned. Although it may be tempting to research the web and produce your own list of emails, you will most likely produce a list of silent receivers. Only those who are willing to sign up will openly welcome and engage with your emails.

The easiest way to ask a person for their email is on your company website using an opt-in form. When doing so, put your opt-in form in multiple places: homepage, about page, menu bar, even after a blog post. Use colors and designs that make it noticeable or even make the opt-in form pop up when visitors enter your site. It is best to create a double opt-in form that requires users to verify their subscription from their email. This will ensure that emails are valid and that the email belongs to the registered user.


Creating an email submission form sounds easy enough, but creating it won’t guarantee that people will sign up, let alone know that it’s there. You can easily fix this problem by promoting your email list on social media, and the best way to do so is by promoting a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is something that you offer to consumers for free on the condition that they subscribe to your email list. It doesn’t need to be a physical good, in fact the most common lead magnet is a downloadable PDF file. In order for a lead magnet to draw in consumers it must be useful. The information that you provide them with must be of some value, otherwise they have no incentive to download it.

For example, we offer our free, downloadable Hashtags and Usage Guide to email subscribers. The guide is a helpful marketing tool for small businesses and social influencers attempting to expand their audience and connect with others on social media. The guide works as a lead magnet because it is something our target market can benefit from.

In addition to being helpful, the lead magnet must also work well. If customers do not see a noticeable improvement from the download, they won’t come back for more. To peak interest from your consumers, the lead magnet must be relevant to them. Consider the everyday problems that your audience faces. Your lead magnet needs to address an issue that they need assistance with.

The final and most important aspect of a lead magnet is that it must be instant. People like instant gratification. If they need to wait for something, the odds of convincing them to sign up are slim. Give the lead magnet to them then and there. If you are offering a physical good, send it out that day. Don’t forget a confirmation email.

When online visitors go to download the lead magnet, an opt-in form should appear that converts them into subscribers to your list. Make it simple and only ask for necessary information like name, email, and if relevant, the company they work for.

Accompanied should be an enticing headline that summarizes the benefits of the lead magnet. Below should be a clear and to the point description of what the lead magnet is. Don’t stop at one lead magnet. As you produce more helpful content, promote it on social media in exchange for emails.

Once you have subscribers to your email list, it is up to you to send content that interests them. Although you want to keep your subscribers, they should have the ability to opt-out at any time. Some may drop off, but it will only make your email list stronger and it will give you insight into what content does and does not work.

If you need help creating and managing your email campaigns, please email us at or call us at (727) 214-5844.

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